How to Convert Hexadecimal to Binary in Python

To convert hexadecimal to binary form, first, convert it to a decimal with the int() function, then use the Python bin() function to get binary from the decimal.


Hex to Bin using the Python int() Function

To demonstrate this, let's convert a hex value into its equivalent representation in binary.


result = bin(int('8AB', 16))



If you don't need the binary to be prefixed with 0b, trim the first two characters like this:


result = bin(int('8AB', 16))

trimmed_res = result[2:]



Essentially we are accessing everything after the second index then storing it in a new variable.


Hex to Bin using the Python literal_eval() Function

You can also use the literal_eval() function to convert hex to binary. The one difference is you'll need to prefix the hexadecimal with 0x so the parser can understand it.


from ast import literal_eval

result = bin(literal_eval('0x8AB'))