Linux Tutorials

Linux is a free Unix-like operating system that has spawned many variations over the years. It was first released by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and has since become of the most popular operating systems in the world.


SkillSugar provides a collection of curated Linux tutorials to help your solve problems so you can learn and move forward with the job in hand.



Add Comments in Bash Scripts

February 08, 2022

To make comments in bash scripts, use the # (hash) symbol. Anything on the same line after the hash will not run when th...


How to Resize Linux Disk

November 03, 2021

How to Change MySQL User Password

October 20, 2021

To change the password of an existing MySQL user, you'll need to log into the MySQL server and run the ALTER USER comman...


How to Deploy Laravel Project to Live Nginx Server

October 07, 2021

In this tutorial, we will learn how to deploy a Laravel application to a live Nginx server. It assumes you already have...


How to Install Let's Encrypt SSL Cert With Ubuntu & Nginx

October 06, 2021

In this tutorial, we will install a new Let's Encrypt certificate using Certbot on an Ubuntu machine running an Nginx HT...


How to Deploy Django with Nginx & Gunicorn to Live Server (Ubuntu <= 21.04)

October 06, 2021

To make your Django application live on the web using Nginx, you will need to set up a Python Web Server Gateway Interfa...