How to Echo or Print an Array in PHP

In this tutorial, we will learn some different ways of printing/echoing an array in PHP.


The easiest way to show data from an array in PHP is to loop through it using a foreach statement and echo each item individually.


$items = ['apple','orange','apricot'];

foreach ($items as $key => $value) {
  echo "Key is: ". $key ." value is: ". $value ."\n";
Key is: 0 value is: apple
Key is: 1 value is: orange
Key is: 2 value is: apricot


Display Array in PHP with print_r()

The native PHP print_r() function will show the entire array including index numbers and values without needing to loop through it. Here is a demonstration of how to use print_r():


$items = ['apple','orange','apricot'];

 [0] => apple
 [1] => orange
 [2] => apricot


var_dump() is a powerful native PHP function that will output detailed information about any type of data contained in a PHP program, including arrays.



$items = ['apple','orange','apricot'];

array(3) {
string(5) "apple"
string(6) "orange"
string(7) "apricot"


var_dump() is especially useful if you need to see extra details such as its length and the data type of each element on top of index and value information.

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