How to Get Type of Variable in PHP

Type checking will tell us what type of "thing" a variable is. In PHP we can get the variable data type using the built-in gettype() function.


To use gettype() Pass the variable as the first argument. Here is an example:


$thing = ['a', 'b', 'c'];

$result = gettype($thing);



The variable we supplied is an array and that is indeed what gettype() returned it as.


Here is the full list of possible data type strings gettype() will return:


  • "boolean"
  • "integer"
  • "double" (for historical reasons "double" is returned in case of a float, and not simply "float")
  • "string"
  • "array"
  • "object"
  • "resource"
  • "resource (closed)" as of PHP 7.2.0
  • "NULL"
  • "unknown type"