How to Check if a Number Is or Is Not an Integer in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to check if a number with the type of float is or is not an integer (whole number) in Python.


Check Number is an Integer with the Python is_integer() Function

Let's say we have a whole number of the datatype float and need to know that it is indeed a whole number. We can evaluate this with the built-in Python is_integer() function with an if block.


number = float(22)

if number.is_integer():
   print(f'{number} is an integer')
   print(f'{number} is not an integer')
22.0 is an integer


Check a Float is not an Integer in Python

If we need to know if a floating-point number is not an integer, we can use the is_integer() function with an is not True statement.


number = float(22.1)

if number.is_integer() is not True:
   print('Not an integer')
Not an integer