How to Concatenate Strings in Python

The process of string concatenation is the joining of one or more strings together to form a new string.


In Python, use the + (addition) operator to add separate strings and the * (multiplication) operator to multiply the same string.


Concatenate Different Strings

In the example below we are joining three different strings together to form a new string which is then assigned to a variable.


string_1 = 'Beginning '
string_2 = ' middle '
string_3 = ' end.'

result = string_1 + string_2 + string_3

Beginning  middle  end.


Concatenate String X Multiples of Time

As mentioned at the beginning, you can use the * (multiplication) operator to append a string to itself X multiples of time.


string_1 = 'hello '

string_1 = string_1 * 3

hello hello hello


Concatenate Strings and Numbers

If you have a non-string that you need to concatenate to a string, you will need to convert it to a string first using type casting like this:


string_1 = 'hello '
num = 3

result = string_1 + str(num)

hello 3