jQuery Document Ready Function

It is not safe to begin manipulating an HTML document until it has fully loaded. To only run a function once everything on a page has loaded, we can use the jQuery ready() method and pass a function as the first argument.


To demonstrate this, let's create a simple function that will run once the Document Object Model (DOM) is in a ready state.


$(document).ready(function () {
  console.log('The document is ready.');
The document is ready.


Calling Multiple Functions with jQuery ready()

To call multiple functions with a single jQuery ready() method, create named functions and pass them as a comma-separated list inside ready().


function firstReady() {
  console.log('First ready function.');

function SecondReady() {
  console.log('Second ready function');

$(document).ready(firstReady(), SecondReady());
First ready function.
Second ready function.


jQuery ready() Shorthand Version

It is possible to replace the more verbose $(document).ready() with $() to achieve the same functionality.


function onReady() {
  console.log('The document is ready.');

The document is ready.


The downside to the shorthand version is it is less obvious that jQuery is running the function when the DOM is ready.

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