Truncate Float in Python

Truncating floats makes calculations easier in terms of processing. There are two ways to truncate a number in Python – by rounding to the nearest integer or by dropping the digits after the decimal place.


Truncate Python Float Using round()

The Python round() function will round a floating-point number to the nearest integer.


number = 46.64359236

truncated = round(number)



Truncate to a Decimal Place in Python

If you need to truncate a float to a specific number of decimal places, use the round() function and supply the decimal places to preserve as the second argument.


number = 46.64359236

truncated = round(number, 2)



Truncate Float Using the Python int() Function

The Python int() function will strip the decimal places from a number and turn it into an int without rounding up or down.


number = 46.64359236

truncated = int(number)