How to Change the Default Search Engine in Safari Browser

The default search engine for the Safari browser is Google, which most people are happy using but other will want to change it to their favourite. Fortunately, it is very easy to set a different search engine for Safari using the following steps.


Firstly open Safari and open the preferences window by clicking "Safari" in the top left menu bar and then "preferences".


Safari menu bar


Now, this is open click on the "Search" tab, this will have a drop-down menu containing the possible search engines you can use. All you have to do is select the one you want and that will be your new default.


Safari Search Settings


What if I Can't See the Search Engine I Want?

Unfortunately, Safari only provides GoogleYahooBing and Duck Duck Go. If you are looking to add another the only option is to add an extension provided by that particular Search provider. The problem is not many provide this functionality. One that does, however, is the popular which will give you a box on the right-hand side of their homepage when you first visit offering the option to "Make Ecosia your default search engine".


To and the extension first, you must download it then open to install. I hope this helped you change the search engine in your Safaris browser and if you have anything to say please comment below.


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