MacOs Tutorials

Here you will find a curated collection of MacOs tutorials to help improve your productivity while using a Mac.



How to View Desktop Site on iPhone with Safari

June 03, 2021

To quickly change to the desktop version of any website that has a mobile version on your iPhone with Safari, hold down...


Show Hidden Files on Mac

December 03, 2020

Some files are hidden in macOS by default. This could be due to the file beginning with a . (dot), for security reasons,...


How to Run a Script in Linux Command Line

June 30, 2020

A shell script is a collection of commands that provide a useful function. The script can be run from the terminal manua...


How to Change Directory in Linux Using the Cd Command

June 28, 2020

Being able to change directory is a fundamental part of using the terminal in Linux, macOS or Ubuntu. If you are just ge...


How to Rename Files and Directories in Linux

June 27, 2020

Renaming files and directories is one of the fundamental operations in the Linux command-line. While renaming a single f...