How to Find Words on a Page using Safari on iPhone

On a desktop browser we can use CMD + F (CTRL + F on Windows) to search for any words present on a web page, but how can I do the same on my iPhone in Safari?


Safari on iOS has this functionality built-in, which we will learn how to use in this tutorial.


Step 1

With the browser open on the page you would like to find a word on, tap the square icon with an up-arrow in the centre of the bottom control panel.


Open tools


Step 2

Swipe left on the last list of options in the dialogue window that appears:


Swipe left


Step 3

Tap on "Find on Page" when the option appears after swiping across.


Find on Page option


Step 4

A new input window will appear that will allow you to search for any words on the page. It will automatically scroll to the first match and highlight it; you can also move through matches using the up/down arrows on the left.


Page search tool


That's it! I hope you found this tutorial helpful.