How to Install Themes in Sublime Text 3

Sublime is a powerful text editor for programmers offering advanced functionality including the ability to customise its UI using pre-made themes.


In this tutorial, we will learn how to install themes and use them in Sublime Text 3 step by step.


Open the Command Palette

The first step is to open the command palette. Open sublime and press the following key combination: CTRL + SHIFT + P for macOS type CMD + SHIFT + P.


Submlime command palette


Install Package Control

In the command palette input, type install package control and press ENTER. This will install Package Control; a confirmation box should appear once complete.


Packaged Control install confirmation


Install a Package

Now that Package Control is installed we can now install a package, which in this case will be a theme. Use the following steps:


  • Open the command palette using - CTRL + SHIFT + P (macOS - CMD + SHIFT + P).
  • Type: install package and hit ENTER.
  • Wait for a new palette to appear.


From this new palette, you can search and install packages. Type the name of the theme you wish to install and select it.


search for a theme


I like the Github Inspired Color Scheme theme so that is the one I selected. Once you have clicked on the theme it will install and a new Package Control Messages Window will appear containing a summary of the theme.


Enable the theme

The final step is to enable the theme. From the top Sublime menu locate to:


Sublime Text > Preferences > Color Scheme...


A new palette will appear with a list of available themes. Select the appropriate one and the theme will automatically change without having to restart sublime.


Select a theme



You now know how to download and enable themes from within Sublime.